Enter Shikari - { The Dreamer's Hotel }

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Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari

10 February 2020 22:05:04

Official music video coming soon.
Taken from the upcoming album "Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible" out 17th April 2020.
Preorders on limited edition vinyl / CD / cassette from www.entershikari.com/store

That’s it I’m going on a rampage
Don’t waste my time with any context
I’m gonna ruin all your prospects
I’m gonna pick all your pockets

I am the judge and I’m the jury
It’s dog eat dog and I’m a pure breed
I’ll work you up into a frenzy
But God this baggage is heavy

Back at The Dreamer’s Hotel
5 stars but all rooms are vacant

I can hear alarm bells
Outside they’re losing their patience

Another tempest in a teapot
I am King Arthur in Camelot
Connected to the hotspot
For 8 days on the trot
Fighting the trolls and the bots

Nuance aint nothing but a nuisance
You’re either good or you are evil
You play a prick and there’s no sequel
And that’s the will of the people

Back at The Dreamer’s Hotel
5 stars and rose coloured windows

Back at The Dreamer’s Hotel
5 stars and courtesy disco

If love is blind
Hatred is deaf
And well fed


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