Details Of Prince William & Rose Hanbury's Relationship Revealed

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02 April 2020 13:00:09

You've no doubt heard of Prince William's alleged affair with Rose Hanbury. The royal scandal has been plastered all over tabloids since early 2019, but are the rumors about Kate Middleton's husband really true?

The news of William's supposed affair with Rose Hanbury was first reported in April 2019, but rumors of infidelity started circulating before then. According to reports, Prince William's alleged affair unfolded when his wife, Kate Middleton, was pregnant with their third child, Prince Louis, who was born on April 23, 2018. If true, this means that, by the time the press picked up on the potential scandal, at least a year had passed since the alleged affair took place. An anonymous source told In Touch that, when confronted by his wife,

“[William] just laughed it off saying there was nothing to it.”

As for whether there really was trouble in paradise, In Touch's source told the magazine,

"They come across as a perfect couple who can do no wrong. [...] But the reality is, most couples have their issues and William and Kate are no different."

The relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton goes back to the early 2000s. The pair became friends their first year at the University of St. Andrews in 2001, and by 2003 the pair had begun dating. In 2007, Kate and William hit a rough patch and briefly split up. While they were on a break, it was insinuated that Prince William wasn't serious about Middleton, and that he wasn't ready to settle down yet. An anonymous source told the Daily Mail,

"He has always had a roving eye, far more so than Harry, who is meant to be the family playboy. That's something Kate has always known and accepted it was part of the deal, if you like. I suppose in that respect, she would have made a perfect Princess of Wales." Keep watching the video to see all the details of Prince William and Rose Hanbury's relationship revealed!

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